Strategic Planning Meeting Held

The Trustees held a strategic planning meeting in January in order to assess various aspects of their mission, current status and future initiatives. As in the past, discussions prompted a range of ideas and possible solutions. In the end, conclusions were reached to which all agreed. Here are a few: The Trustees need to encourage and recruit new individuals to refresh and replace long serving energy is needed; We need volunteers who could spend a few (or a lot) of hours reviewing and inventorying records of the town, the church, or those of the Canterbury Women’s Club, among a host of others; we have a large collection of old deeds which we need to inventory so they can be transcribed to a digital format; there are pictures from the 1976/1977 Bicentennial requiring “people identification”.

If any of this interests you please contact Mary Ann Winograd at the Elkins library, or email us at

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