As part of our mission to preserve Canterbury’s heritage, the Canterbury Historical Society engages in the publication of newly compiled historical data and the re-publication of historical books gone out of print.  Below are the books currently available. They may be purchased directly though us by mail or may be purchased in-person at Canterbury’s Elkins Public Library, 9 Center Road; Canterbury, NH 03224. See order form below.

“Staying Small in a Century of Growth. Canterbury, NH 1900-2000” Kathryn Grover 2017

Through the decades, Canterbury retained a distinct sense of self, embodied in a can-do spirit that continues to bring residents together around projects and traditions big and small. This twentieth-century history is an example of that self, involving community fundraising and the time and talents of more than two hundred people. The result of their efforts—supporting those of our remarkable author, Kathryn Grover—is a special account of a special place and how it came to be so. We hope you enjoy it.

“The Churches of Canterbury 1727-2012” Jane Balshaw and Pam Jackson 2012

A history of landmarks, buildings and people.  This book is a compilation of materials displayed within an exhibit mounted in 2011 by CHS. “A church is more than a building; it is a gathering of individuals unified by a shared expression of religious worship.  From Canterbury’s earliest Colonial history, when the promotion of Christianity was England’s goal, to our modern times of universal thinking, Canterbury has been a diligent and passionate pursuer of church”.

“As I’ve Heard Tell. Memoirs of Catherine Dickson 1922-1978” Catherine Dickson 2005

“Catherine’s work does not read like a town history.  It is more than that.  A description of her life and her views of over 80 years in Canterbury gives these events a reality and color usually absent in most histories.  The folks of Canterbury owe a special thanks to Catherine Dickson for this history of their people and town affairs”. Oliver and Mary Ellen Fifield, 2005.

“The Canterbury Fair. 1959-1999” Robert A. Lockwood 2001

A history of the Canterbury Fair dedicated to the thousands of volunteers who made the fair from 1959 – 1999 a national attraction. With notations honoring the Canterbury Fund.

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