In 1912, James Otis Lyford wrote the History of Canterbury, N.H., 1727-1912 with a group of volunteers from Canterbury. The first volume was narrative, consisting of a thorough history of the town over the past 185 years. The second volume (digitized online here) held the genealogies of local families, the records of ancestors and descendants, that were collected by the “genealogy committee”, chaired by Mary Clough and Josephine Brown. They solicited families from near and far to contribute information to the genealogy, and carefully copied the notes and letters into a genealogical record. Many of those notes and letters were preserved by Miss Brown, and survive today as part of the Canterbury Historical Society’s archive of materials, now digitized and available to researchers online below.

It is expressly noted that the Canterbury Historical Society does not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained within the attached files, and because the files have no sources as to the origination of the information, it is suggested that any information should be verified and used in tandem with other research, not as a primary source alone.

Box 1: Abbott to French

Abbott Adams Arlin Avery

Bagley Batchelder Battis Beck Blanchard Blanchard II Blinn Blinn II Boyce Boynton Bradley Bradley II Bradley IIIA Bradley IIIB Bradley/Ingalls Brown I Brown II Brown III Brown IV Brown V Buswell Bryant


Dalton Dearborn Dearborn II Dennison Dow Dow II Driscoll

Eastman/Dame Edgett Elkins Elliott Elliott/Clough Emery Emery/Whidden Evans Everett/Hackett

Fellows Fellows Misc. Fisk Flanders Fletcher Fletcher II Foster Frame French

Box 2: Gage to Nutting

Gage Gerry Gibson Gleason Glove Glover/Grover Glover II

Hannaford Harriman HarrimanB Haven Haynes Hazeltine Heath Hill Hills Howe Hoyt Huntoon Hutchins Hutchins II


James James II Johnson Jones Jones II Jones III Jones IV

Keniston Keysar Kezer Kittridge Knowles

Lake Lamprey Long Lovering Lyford

Mann Mason Mason II Matott McClary McDaniel Moody Moore Morgan Morrill Morrill II Morrill III Morrill IV Morse Muzzey

Neal Noyes Noyes II Nutting